Alaskan® Ice Melter

Alaskan® Ice Melter is more than just another ice melter.

It’s a top performing product that’s part of a complete ice melting program.

  • Formulated with Calcium Chloride
  • Melts down to -31°C/-24°F
  • Excellent staying power
  • Fast acting, Long lasting
  • Highly visible TRUE BLUE marker
  • Safe on concrete and vegetation (When used as directed)
Alaskan Ice Melter

Breakthrough Performance

Super-accurate marker color

Avoid the problems that plague conventional ice melters


Alaskan is a registered trademark of Sure-Gro Inc.; Saf-T-Salt is a registered trademark of Moton International Inc. Sno-N-Ice is a registered trademark of CP Industries; Dyn-O-Melt is a registered trademark of Cargil Incorporated. Triple Melt is a registered trademark of Ossian, Inc.

Shaker Jug
Alaskan Shaker Jug
Size UPC
5 kg 0 56899 00018 8

Resealable Bags
Alaskan Resealable Bags
Size UPC
2.5 kg 0 56899 00105 5
4.54 kg 0 56899 00019 5
10 kg 0 56899 00020 1
20 kg 0 56899 00021 8

Snap Lid Pails
Alaskan Snap Lid Pails
Size UPC
10 kg 0 56899 00050 8
Available at Canadian Tire
20 kg 0 56899 00022 5
Available at Costco

Material Safety Data Sheet

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